International Mobility of Students and Early Career


Mobilité Erasmus+

Un stage professionnel européen Erasmus + pour une employabilité renforcée


L’Erasmus des Apprentis et des jeunes en Alternance

Pour les entreprises qui accueillent des apprentis en mobilité

Les principaux apports pour les jeunes :

professionnalisation 22%
plus de compétences techniques 16%
ouverture d'esprit 14%

Les principaux apports pour l'entreprise :

un atout pour le management et l'esprit d'équipe 21%
l'acquisition de compétences nouvelles 16%
une ouverture au marché européen 15%

Pour les entreprises qui envoient des apprentis en mobilité

Les principaux apports pour les jeunes :

ouverture d'esprit 16%
professionnalisation 15%
plus d'autonomie 14%

Les principaux apports pour l'entreprise :

nouvelles compétences 24%
une plus grande attractivité en tant que lieu d'apprentissage 18%


 Nº PIC: 946289321  
Description of the organization

The MFR of Sud Agromat, situated in the Tarn-et-Garonne department, is a VET training association offering VET training courses in the agriculture sector.

MFRs in France and around the world, attract young girls and boys, aged 15 to 20, who decide to attend a "sandwich course" in order to discover the realities of the working world. They often reject a traditional educational system which does not suit their needs or desires. Many young people registered in the MFRs around the world have encoutered learning difficulties and some might have even left school for a while.

The MFRs' main priorities are:- accompagny young people and adults in their projects- encourage implication and commitment- participate in the development of territories and the development of new jobs.

The European Voluntary Service programme together with the French Voluntary Service programme matches the values of the MFR mouvement, and more particularly one of the priorities of the mouvement entitled "education aux mondes et aux autres" : to enable people to facilitate their understanding of the others and therefore to facilitate personnal, social and professional insertion.

The MFRs want to offer to each and every young person to opportunity to encouter experiences that will stimulate their critical spirit and help them become self-contained. In other words, the MFRs will help each and every one to fulfill themselves by becoming independent, open to others and committed, the ultimate goal being to help young people become active citizens in their personal, professional and social commitments.